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The progressive people of Qalandars assert that our fundamental moral principles focus on contemplating societal patterns and behaviors. Qalandars City residential society is a type of housing community where multiple homes are located within a single complex or building.These societies are typically managed by a homeowners’ association or a similar governing body that is responsible for overseeing the maintenance and upkeep of the community. Qalandars City could work to develop programs and resources that promote healthy sporting activities based on the key elements. This might include things like coaching and mentorship programs, nutritional counseling, and access to safe and well-equipped sports facilities. Qalandars City focuses on promoting healthy sporting activities is a valuable contribution to the well-being of young people. By working to create a supportive environment for youth sports, they can help to instill lifelong habits of physical activity and healthy living.

Society could also collect data on participation rates, health outcomes, and other relevant metrics to ensure that these programs are effective. This would allow them to evaluate the impact of their programs and make adjustments as needed. By offering a range of amenities and services, these communities can help to enhance residents’ quality of life and create a sense of belonging and community.

About Us

Qalandars city is built on the ideology of sportsman crafts and a city of its own which is named after its own field of sports.Qalandars City provides amenities and high-end infrastructure buildings, well-designed and pleasant amenities. These amenities not only offer elegance, convenience, and comfort, but they are also quite helpful for our aspirant young people who train with professionals to make their way in cricket.

Owners and Developers

The Developer of Qalandars City is Renaissance Builders and Developers and is owned by Rana Fawad. The project was started by Qalandars Developers, a well-known and prosperous regional developer. Before relocating to Qalandars City, the developers completed some of Lahore’s most well-received megaprojects in order to offer people a high standard of life

Residential Plots

Qalandars City is not just a society, it’s the state-of-the-art structure, craftsmanship, and beauty, redefining the standards of luxury. No matter which plot size you choose, our master-planned society offers all the modern amenities you need to live comfortably. From parks and playgrounds to commercial areas and schools, we’ve got you covered. Plus, with easy access to major highways and transportation links, you’ll be connected to the rest of the city

Price 1,700,000

In a gated community, Qalandars City offers 3 Marla residential plots as part of a diverse concept. It is extremely sought for a pleasant living experience because it has excellent amenities and services, including a community center, 24-hour surveillance under gated protection, commercial areas, uninterruptible energy, and attractive green parks.

Price: 2,800,000

Qalandars City 5 Marla plots are perfect for those who are looking for a smaller, more affordable option. These plots are ideal for young professionals, small families, or anyone who wants a cozy space to call home.

Price: 5,200,000

For those who need more space, Qalandars City 10 Marla plots are a great option. These sites give versatility to create a huge house with all the amenities you want and enough space for a larger family. Qalandars City offers all the amenities one can dream of.

Price: 9,250,000

If you're looking for a truly grand living experience, then Qalandars City 1 Kanal plots are a perfect choice. With plenty of room to build a luxurious home and indulge in all the comforts of life, these plots are ideal for those who demand the best. Qalandars City offers up to 1 Kanal residential plot delineations.

Commercial Plots

A commercial plot refers to a piece of land that is zoned for commercial use. This means that it is intended for businesses, rather than for residential or agricultural use. Commercial plots are often located in busy areas, such as commercial districts or along major roads, and may be used for a variety of purposes, such as office buildings, retail stores, or restaurants.

Price Coming Soon

Qalandars City 4 Marla commercial plot typically refers to a plot of land that is approximately 100 square yards in size. This is equivalent to 1,350 square feet. The size of a commercial plot can have a significant impact on its value and potential uses.

Price Coming Soon

Qalandars City Offers 8 Marla Residential Plots. 8 Marla commercial plot, on the other hand, is approximately 200 square yards or 2,700 square feet in size. The city is undergoing a renaissance. Find your next home here, with all the luxury amenities and convenience of the city.


The Qalandars City is Located at Kot Abdul Malik Interchange on the main Sheikhupura Road. It is providing all the amenities and luxuries, so the residents do have not to go far to find the perfect necessities of life

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Qalandars City is a vibrant community, where you’ll enjoy a premium living experience and all the conveniences of modern life.Contact us today to learn more about our available plots and start building the home of your dreams!

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    Amenities & Facilities

    Grand Jamia Mosque

    Underground Electricity

    Qalandars University


    State Of the Art Sports Complex

    Maintenance Services

    Qalandars High-Performance Centre

    Community Spaces


    Commercial Area

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