About Us

About Ammar Forte

In 1978, fueled by a passion for helping families build their dreams, Ammar Khan founded Ammar Forte with a focus on providing personalized service in Detroit’s up-and-coming neighborhoods. Over the years, the company has blossomed into a respected regional leader, known for its unwavering dedication to client satisfaction and expertise in navigating diverse markets. Ammar Forte takes pride in its long-standing relationships with clients, many of whom have become lifelong partners, trusting the company to guide them through every stage of their real estate journey.
Detroit’s real estate market was undergoing a dynamic shift. Recognizing the potential for families in these evolving neighborhoods, Ammar Khan founded Ammar Forte with a revolutionary approach. Personalized service became the cornerstone of the company’s philosophy, ensuring each client received a tailored experience that addressed their unique needs and aspirations. This commitment to understanding individual goals quickly earned Ammar Forte a loyal following. Over the years, the company’s reach surpassed its initial focus, blossoming into a respected regional leader. Throughout this growth, Ammar Forte never wavered from its core values. Unwavering dedication to client satisfaction remained paramount, as did their expertise in navigating the ever-changing complexities of diverse markets. This unwavering commitment fostered long-standing relationships with clients who have come to see Ammar Forte as more than just a real estate company. Ammar Forte has become a trusted partner, guiding them through every stage of their real estate journey, from first-time homeownership to seasoned investment strategies.

Our Mission

Ammar Forte is your compass to real estate success. Our team’s unparalleled local market knowledge, encompassing micro-neighborhood trends and future development plans, fuels strategic guidance tailored to your unique goals. Unwavering client focus is our core, fostering genuine connections built on open communication and personalized service. We translate your vision into a roadmap, empowering you throughout the process. Our mission goes beyond transactions – we’re your partner, building a foundation for your future aspirations, from first-time homeownership to strategic investments. At Ammar Forte, real estate is about unlocking your potential and turning dreams into reality.

Our Vision

Ammar Forte envisions a future where navigating real estate is empowering, not daunting. We aim to be the leading regional force, fueled by unparalleled expertise and unwavering client focus. Our team possesses intimate knowledge of local markets, while fostering genuine connections through open communication and personalized guidance. We see ourselves as your trusted partner, translating your dreams into reality, from first-time homeownership to strategic investments. At Ammar Forte, buying or selling goes beyond a transaction; it’s about building a foundation for your future, empowering you to achieve your real estate aspirations.